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Through a Twitter post, director Morio Kishimoto announced that a Free demo From acoustic boundariesbut only for Nintendo Switch. This beta can already be downloaded from the Japanese eShop and in the next few hours / days it will also be distributed in other countries, including Italy.

In response to a user who asked if we’ll see the Sonic Frontiers demo on other platforms as well, Kishimoto replied that no further versions will be released since the team is also working on post-launch updates (or at least, that’s what we do) learning from translating Tweet). In short, this isn’t an exclusive demo, Sonic Team simply can’t at the moment create custom demos for other platforms either.

Pity. Given that the game is also available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, One and PC, demos are likely to attract more players to give blue hedgehog adventure a chance.

It’s currently unclear when the Sonic Frontiers demo for Nintendo Switch will also be available on the European eShop, as Sega hasn’t provided exact timings. We’re probably talking about waiting a few days at most.

Sonic Frontiers recently reached 2.5 million copies in sales, according to data released by Sega.

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