A four-meter long crocodile was killed after it devoured a fisherman in Australia

a crocodile Four meters was caught, killing a fisherman who had disappeared off the coast of Queensland.

Australian police and forests have found the remains of the 69-year-old man who disappeared while fishing on Henschenbrook Island. His wife called the police after any attempt to contact him by radio proved unsuccessful.

His boat was found damaged and upside down near Gayonda Creek, on this island between Cairns and Tunisville, in the tropical region of Australia. The nature of the accident was such that it “almost certainly” was attributed to a crocodile attack. Next to the boat, agents found a four-meter-long crawler, who was captured, and then euthanized.

Sea crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) are believed to be the largest reptiles on the planet and can reach seven meters in length. These are massive predators found in very ancient cave paintings of indigenous Australians, who call them pukpuk, and play an important role in their cosmology.

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