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It happened in Veneto and it’s an incredible story: here are the conditions of a car that has stood for 50 years, parked in front of its owner’s newsstand. Even Governor Luca Zaya remembers it.

A story that has now entered the hearts of the citizens of Congliano, a small town in the Veneto region where, among others, Alessandro del Piero was born, and in all of Italy. Almost a legend from Lancia Fulvia Parked on Zamboni Road: It is owned by Mr. Angelo Frigolant, born in 1927, and it all started exactly in 1974. That year, Frigolant and his wife Bertilia Modolo bought the 1970 registered car, and parked it in front of a newsstand. In Via Zamboni.

The legendary Lancia Fulvia of Mr. Fregolent in Conegliano, before the transfer

Well, the car has been around for 47 years. Before getting the newsstand, the 95-year-old worked as a mechanic for Fiat, both in Conegliano and Treviso, before moving to Germany. Then, after he met his future wife, he also ran a bar and ten years later he bought aNewsstand, managed for 40 years. With Lancia Fulvia in the lead, with The odometer stops at 20 km, Always pay road tax and insurance. crazy. But what is the function of this car, the original chassis of which remains to this day, albeit a little rusty? Mr. Frigolant said in many interviews that It was used to unload newspapers in the trunk of a car.

Lancia Fulvia di Conegliano in the hearts of Italians and beyond

The car is our inheritance.Talking about their car, the true adventure companion, the couple said after the newsstand also sold out due to their age. “This media attention, this gossip and the people who come to visit us are a beautiful gift for our livesThey added the response to the local media and beyond. The citizens of Conegliano even organized one Fundraising to fund the full restoration of Fulvia. There is more…

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Mr. Frigolant and his Lancia Fulvia
Mr. Frigolant and his Lancia Fulvia

The history of Fulvia has truly gone all over the world to arouse the curiosity of millions of people. Many tourists who have visited Veneto over the years have come to Conegliano on purpose to immortalize the car. However, in October 2021, it was moved after age due to municipal decisions regarding road use. Then it was loaded onto a tow truck Brought to the Auto e Moto d’Epoca show in Padua. Two days of glory. after, after crowd bath Instead, the car was taken to a workshop in Vincentes to be restored and finally returned to its home in Congliano. A private space was designed for her in the garden of the Cerletti Enological School, which Angelo and Bertilla see from their window.

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