A flop in Japan, it sold fewer than 2,100 physical copies –

Balan Wonderworld It is a failure in Japan. This judgment comes from CartridgeGames on Twitter that the game has sold out Fewer than 2,100 physical copies on Japanese soil During the first week, she therefore failed to reach the top 30 list.

Balan Wonderworld It also missed the Nintendo eShop Top 30 In both Japan and North America, as well as the UK’s top 40 sales. PlayStation Store data is not available at this time, but it’s very likely that the results are similar.

Players had the opportunity to try out the Balan Wonderworld show in late January and criticize the work from various perspectives. Some issues in the game have been fixed with the D1 patch (For example, the risk of causing an epileptic seizure), but it is clear that many of the game’s elements are closely related to playful design and cannot be modified without revolutionizing the entire business.

Sadly, Square Enix’s nickname didn’t seem to convince players from North America, Japan, and the United Kingdom. With Metacritic, the game has been assigned 10/10 to the game by users, but they are clearly bots.

Balan Wonderworld is a failure

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