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A fireball lights up the UK sky. Video »Science News

The meteor was visible for about seven seconds before 22:00 local time.

a A bright fireball Sky crossed United kingdom Sundays produce a powerful glow that has caught the attention of locals. Meteor, visible to Seven seconds Shortly before 10 pm, he was arrested by various security cameras in Manchester, Cardiff, Honiton, Bath, Midsomer Norton and Milton Keynes. As you can see in the many videos circulating on social media, the object appeared in the night sky, leaving behind a trail that increased the brightness. Before you disappear into the dark.

According to the British Weather Network, the visible object isa meteor Moving slowly and rapidly fragmentedAccording to more than 120 users, on Twitter, claiming to have seen the passage of the object, the meteorite was going to detonate a product. ‘A strong orange glow pulls out a giant trail of light“.

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