A fire broke out in Spain due to a company that grows trees

one of the Fires are going on these days In Spain, it inadvertently spawned Land Life, one of those companies that grow trees to offset greenhouse gas emissions from other companies. It is the fire that originated in Attica, a municipality in the province of Zaragoza, in northeastern Spain: it started on Monday and burned 140 square kilometres, an area larger than that Land Life is trying to reforest in a year – 100 square kilometres, second This blog to society.

The fire was caused by a spark from a worker who was using an excavator to clean the ground in order to plant trees the next winter.

This was explained by Land Life itself, a Dutch company, in A statement issued on Thursday. CEOs Rebecca Braswell and Tejrd Anima said they were “devastated by damages” from the fire and announced that they had opened an investigation to clarify responsibilities. The person who actually started the fire is not an employee of Land Life, but an employee of a company the company contracts with to work in the Aragon region. It was this same person who first alerted the firefighters to the fire.

Five cities were evacuated due to the fire at Attica, Alhama de Aragon, Puerica, Castigon de las Armas, Morros and Villaluenga: more than two thousand people had to leave their homes. In addition, all rail transport between Madrid and Aragon has been suspended.

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Land Life said the land clearing company had obtained permission from the local authorities to do so, but the Spanish newspapers questioned why in the current weather conditions, which favor fires in many parts. Spain, no decision has been taken to suspend activities. more reason than before, write the Confidencialbearing in mind that in June in the same area there was already a fire, albeit much smaller (20 hectares, 0.2 km2 were burned).

The reforestation project that Land Life is implementing in Aragon, which began last December, instead concerns 525 hectares, which is just over 5 square kilometres, and therefore an area much smaller than that burned this week.

The most serious fire to hit Spain this month developed in the Zamora department of the northwestern region of Castile and Leon: at least 250 square kilometers of land burned, 32 towns and two people were evacuated. Die.

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