A few more months to apply for a PC bonus of up to € 2000 and those who have not yet applied for it will do well.

Computer and Internet bonus allows you to get a huge discount and the latest rumors are not extended. Therefore, there are still a few months left to claim the PC bonus of up to € 2000, and those who have not yet applied for it will do just fine. It is an opportunity not to be missed for many families. Let’s analyze who can apply and how to apply for the discount voucher.

Personal computer and internet bonus of up to € 2000

One bonus that will likely not be renewed is the PC and Internet bonus that allows you to receive a discount of up to € 2,000.

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This type of financial aid was designed before Government To meet families in carrying out school activities and work from home.

This discount coupon for families who request it allows you to purchase a personal computer or tablet device. Moreover, the assets that are returned with the loan are not for use, but the devices remain forever with the beneficiary.

However, the computer and internet reward must comply with certain requirements and usage rules.

How to apply

After a few months to apply for the PC Reward of up to € 2000 and those who have not yet applied for it will do well. Let’s see the details.

The PC and Internet bonus is divided into two steps, the first expiring soon, in fact the deadline is set for October 1, 2021.

The second step, set by the government, is at the start-up stage and increasing the number of beneficiaries. In fact, the new procedure provides for the possibility of applying with an ISEE of 50,000 euros.

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Taxpayers with an ISEE higher than 50,000 euros are excluded from this benefit.

In the second step, there is a lot of uncertainty

Currently, for a bonus with ISEE up to € 20,000, for an amount up to 500 eurosYou must contact your operator. It is also possible to go to the point of sale. The operator will clarify all available offers. After that, the operator will administer the remuneration with the authorization of the Ministry of Economic Development.

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