A few minutes of these effective targeted exercises are enough for the long and solid gluteus maximus muscles

Many dream of flaunting firm and high buttocks. This is why they stick to hard training and targeted exercises. Obviously, finding the right exercise for everyone is not easy. In fact, each body type requires a specific work on the buttocks. For some, achieving the goal can be a real challenge. But with a lot of patience and good training, achieving this is not impossible.

In this article, we see how just a few minutes of these effective targeted exercises is enough for long, steady marble sessions. With this exercise, we will say goodbye to the usual squats that are repeated hundreds of times. With short daily sessions we can see results in just a few weeks. In addition, the exercises that we will present will allow us to train the muscles of the abdomen and thighs.

basic exercise

The bridge is an exercise specifically created to tighten the buttocks and the entire lower body. The bridge focuses a lot on the stability of the core, that is, the center it represents pelvic floor. The basic exercise consists of lying on your back. Knees should be bent with feet on the floor and arms at the sides.

From this position, by pressing the feet, the buttocks and hips are raised. The movement ends when they form a straight line with the shoulders. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement. To allow movement, the buttocks will have to shift a large part of the work. The abdominal muscles should also remain tense so that the back does not arch. A few 20 repetitions of this basic exercise will be able to ensure excellent toning. We will also find that the body becomes more flexible.

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A few minutes of these effective targeted exercises are enough for the long and solid gluteus maximus muscles

Starting with this exercise, you can make changes that can make the training more effective. Obviously, the exercise becomes more complex and more tiring. But when the goal is to have high buttocks, there is no need to overwork. After a few normal bridge sessions, we do the same movement, pausing for 20 seconds in the stationary bridge position. Only after doing this 3 times, pass the bridge with a raised leg.

From the position with the legs bent, one leg is raised up and raised. This allows you to train your legs one by one and carry more weight. Do 2 reps of 20. Then switch to the alternate on the heels. We raise our toes, keeping the heels only. In this way we work on other muscles such as the hamstring, gluteus medius, gluteus maximus.

An additional difficulty is added if we hold a ball or a folded towel between our legs. 10-15 minutes of training will be enough to get the desired results. In this article we see how to get it Perfect thighs and hips in a few weeks with a simple exercise and a few tips.

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