A few days after the Trump administration ends, Vice Pence takes office

What is evident in these hours is that the president has stopped carrying out his duties as commander in chief. All powers have been delegated (not formalized) to his deputy, Mike Pence. On January 20, he will participate in the Biden-Harris settlement (again without an explicit request from the businessman) while Donald and Melania will leave the White House for the last time aboard Air Force One to go to Mar-a-Lago.

It wouldn’t be Donald Trump At Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Contacted by the president himself on Twitter before his page was blocked, the decision did not arouse particular discontent. Power was never handed over to his successor, just as Trump has never admitted defeat in the November election. In fact, until a few days ago he had always announced that he had stolen the score. However, this is a well-known story. What appears in these hours is that Trump has stopped performing the duties of commander in chief. All powers were delegated (not formalized) to his deputy, Mike Pence.

Pence congratulates Harris and breakup with Trump

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Among the first assignments by the Indiana Republican – who immediately went to work – stands one that conflicts with Trump’s behavior: Pence called on Kamala Harris to congratulate and reassure her of helping her before she takes office, especially given her new role as her. Madam Vice President. This gesture did nothing but reinforce the already significant disconnect among Republicans: Mike Pence had for some time been no longer supportive of Tycoon’s thesis on “stealing” the November election. It was also announced that he would participate in Biden Harris’ executive inauguration. As if that weren’t enough, it was Pence himself who deployed the National Guard to Washington City on January 6, the day of the congressional attack: a gesture that served as a watershed between the two.

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Donald and Melania leave the White House before Biden arrives

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Donald Trump will leave the White House on the morning of Jan.20, before Biden arrives. Therefore, traditions that take place on the day a new head of state is introduced to America, such as the ritual image depicting the outgoing president alongside the new president, will not be honored before the ceremony on Capitol Hill. Donald and Melania will leave before the settlement and go to Mar Lago Resort. And they probably won’t even see the events in Washington, DC, on TV. Mike Pence will certainly do so on Wednesday in an effort to take on the uncomfortable role of the commander in chief who worked with him for four years. Hoping to leave a different memory in the hearts of Biden and Harris.

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