A faster procedure to recover funds from the condominium does not pay

There is a faster process to recover funds from a condominium that does not pay. Slightly faster than if the arrears were for areas other than the condominium. However, this slight acceleration that the law wants to guarantee to buildings illustrates the desire to protect the buildings as a creditor in a certain way. What is the slight increasing speed of this procedure? Under normal circumstances, it is known that in order to recover the credit, a formal recorded notice letter must be sent to the debtor. In a recorded letter, it is necessary to specify the amount of the debt, the reasons from which the debt arose and that the intention is to proceed with an injunction.

Debts in a condominium

However, if the creditor who must recover the money is the condominium and the debtor is the condominium, then something changes.

There is a faster process to recover funds from a condominium that does not pay. Hurry up because the condominium is not obligated to send an official registered notification letter. Jurisprudence in this sense is practically constant. For a concrete example, consider Rome Court Judgment No. 2053 on February 5, 2021.

What does the sentence say

The sentence indicates that the law does not provide that an official recorded letter of notice is mandatory in order to proceed with the injunction request. The condominium can immediately file a restraining order appeal in the court.

What is a registered official letter of notice for

The registered letter is usually sent because in this way the prescription against the condominium is interrupted. Moreover, from the date of the recorded letter, the apartment also matures Interests big house. However, there may be a fear that the royal condominium will sell or make it disappear Money From the bank to avoid foreclosure. If the condominium believes it has to act particularly quickly, it can avoid recorded speech and promptly promote an appeal via court order.

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