A fan tied the column from his neck during the Everton and Newcastle match!

Exciting and scandalous protest forced the referee to stop Everton Newcastle. All this happens during the second half, when a fan invaded the field and took the opportunity to tie himself to the goal … from his neck. Gesture brought in security Goodison ParkWhich took eight minutes to release the young demonstrator. Meanwhile, photos of Lewis, 21, wearing an orange T-shirt that read “Just stop the oil” and a narrow neckband, went around the world. It’s an episode very similar to what happened the night before Arsenal – Liverpool, when a man instead handcuffed himself to a pole. Social media has taken care of explaining the meaning of the story.

Everton and Newcastle halted: the impulse and the stark gesture

Just Stop Oil gave its version of the facts about Twitter. Tonight, Lewis strapped himself into the Goodison Park goal post wearing a Just Stop Oil jersey, forcing the referee to stop briefly. Explaining why he had chosen this action, Lewis said: ‘It’s 2022 and it’s time to look, it’s time to step up and not stand and stare.’ It’s time to act as if it was an emergency. More and more reports are telling me that my future is going to be terrible and that my government is telling me not to worry and to pay my pension. But we have a choice. We can choose to highlight that our climate is collapsing, we can choose to resist this government that betrays us, and we can choose to move forward and not stand idly by.” the evening of the previous day a London It was my turn Kay, 20, is a law student at the University of Manchester. “Sorry if we interrupt your game, but no one listens unless we do shit like this – Explained the same account in a tweet – This beautiful game, like your life, will be shaken by the increasingly severe weather phenomena in the coming years.”

A fan tied the goal during the Everton-Newcastle match: the match was stopped

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A fan tied the goal during the Everton-Newcastle match: the match was stopped

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