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A duel in the schedule of confrontations between Australia and the United States of America in Italy and the program


  • Friday 19 August – Sunday 21 August 2022
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Olympic Park Aquatics Center (Swim in the pool, August 20-21)
  • Bondi Beach (open water, August 19)
  • Start times
    • Friday – Open Water: 9:00 local time / 1:00 CET
    • Saturday – 7:00 PM local time / 11:00 AM CET
    • Sunday – 7:00 PM local time / 11:00 AM CET
  • LCM (50 m)
  • website

Duel in the Pool 2022 will take place in Sydney, Australia, from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 August 2022. The competition will begin in Sydney on Friday with a mixed 4×800 open water relay.

In view of the three days of competitions, USA Swimming Announcing the full program, along with an explanation of how events unfolded. Duel in the Pool will feature a mix of traditional and non-traditional events. Some of the more unconventional events include the 400 and 800 freestyle races, a “fuzzy” mixed race, ISL-like leather races and a series of relay races.

Below is the full program of the meeting.

billiards competition program

Saturday 20 August

  • Conventional 4x100m (2M, 2F) Mixed Relay
  • Women’s 400m Freestyle
  • 100m Men’s Butterfly, Traditional
  • Mixed free relay 4x50m (2m, 2F)
  • Butterfly 3x50m Women, skin race
  • 100m traditional male breaststroke
  • Women’s 50m Freestyle, Traditional
  • 3x50m women’s breaststroke swim, skin race
  • Men’s 800m Freestyle
  • Men’s 100m Freestyle, Traditional
  • 4 x 100m Women’s Mixed Relay, Traditional
  • Male 3x50m back, skin perspiration
  • MC/AB 4x50m mixed relay (2 S9, 2 AB)
  • Men’s 200m Mixed, “Surprise Competition”
  • 100 m traditional female back
  • 3x50m Men’s Free Style, Skinny
  • Women’s 200m Freestyle, Traditional
  • 4x50m (2M 2F) Mixed Relay
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Sunday August 21

  • Mixed Relay 6 x 50m Freestyle (1m, 2F) Swimming 2 x 50 each
  • Women’s 800m Freestyle
  • Men’s 200m Freestyle, Traditional
  • 3x50m women’s freestyle,skin race
  • Men’s 3x50m Freestyle, Leather Race
  • 100m traditional female butterfly
  • back 3x50m women, skin race
  • 4 x 100m Freestyle Men’s Relay, Classic
  • 100 m traditional men’s back
  • Women’s 100m Freestyle, Traditional
  • Men’s 400m Freestyle, Traditional
  • Men’s 50m Freestyle, Traditional
  • 100 m traditional female breasts
  • Male 3x50m Butterfly, Sweaty Skin
  • Women’s 200m medley, “Surprise Race”
  • 2x200m vs. 4x100m Free Random Relay (2M 2F)

Surprise racing

The Mystery IM event requires that the order of the patterns be selected randomly at the start of the race. Regardless of the order, all start will be with group diving, including backstroke.

All races will have a scoring system (similar to what we saw at ISL)


USA Swimming announced the scores via Instagram:

single events

  • First place: 4 points
  • 2nd place 3 points
  • 3rd place 2 points
  • Fourth place: 1 point

relay events

  • First place: 8 points
  • 2nd place 6 points
  • Leather races (3 participants per team)
    • First round (6 swimmers) Fifth and Sixth Places: Out 0 points
    • The first 4 contestants to advance
    • Second round (4 swimmers) Fourth place: knocked out 1 point Third place: knocked out 2 points. first 2 progress
    • Third round (2 swimmers) Second place: 3 points, First place: 4 points

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