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Uninhabited Coming back to the conversation, this time not for some theory that would connect the project to Silent Hill and/or Hideo Kojima, but to a series of my knowledge I mentioned in a long article GameSpot, which overshadowed the main developer Hassan Kahraman.

Shortly after the fraud allegations against metropolitans, it was discovered that Kahraman had created a file private group By personally recruiting the various members among its strongest supporters and essentially using this space to feed the ego.

As we all know, over time blue box He punctured much more than a deadline in regards to revealing the deserter, and every time someone in the group asked Kahraman to explain what had happened, his reaction was to banish the person in question or create a new group with the other members and some new entry.

From various discussions, which often witnessed Kahraman literally losing his head and then apologizing for any exaggerated behaviour, pointing to responsibility for his mood swings to development pressures, in the end it emerged that Abandoned like a game that doesn’t existat least not yet.

The developer went on to say that the project at the moment consists of an introductionwhich will in fact be in the works, and that the team is counting on its success in attracting investors and obtaining the necessary funds to achieve much talk of survival horror.

At the same time, however, Kahraman’s strategy is to spread rumors more or less about possible links with the silent Hill To talk about left only to step in each time to deny them and repeat the strategy after a while. The same fans chosen by the developer have so far not seen more than a few images depicting the walls, so much so that they renamed the game among them WallbandonedSuch asSam’s position Amber between false lies and misinformation.

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