A critical vulnerability in Cisco’s switches and security is at risk

A critical vulnerability in Cisco's switches and security is at risk

Even large corporate giants can have problems with security. To prove it is what happens Cisco In these hours, with the engineers who were going to identify a very serious problem regarding They are.

Giant customers have been warned about the issue, which appears to only affect some models keys for data centers. The vulnerability identification code is CVE-2023-20185: This would allow attackers to compromise encrypted traffic.

Cisco discovers the vulnerability: here are the keys affected by the bug

It would have been a security check to allow the engineers to catch the bug. These were actually ACI Multi-Site CloudSec encryption internal checks on some switches of Cisco Nexus series data centers 9000.

It seems that the malfunction will only and exclusively affect the keys Cisco Nexus 9332C, 9364C, and 9500. The latter is provided with a very specific font card, namely Cisco Nexus N9K-X9736C-FX. mode only ACI Said keys will be affected by the issue that has been going on for a while.

The CVE token exploit allows an unknown attacker the ability to simply modify or read it remote Encrypted traffic exchanged between different websites.

According to what has been learned from official Cisco sources, the vulnerability in question will be directly related to the implementation of ciphers used by the given function CloudSec On weak keys.

It may also happen that the attacker is between sites ACI Choose to exploit the vulnerability in question, and thus be able to intercept encrypted traffic from one website to another. All this using analytical techniques useful for cracking encryption.

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In the next few hours there should be new updates regarding fixing the issue. It is clear that Cisco with his team are working in the best way to achieve this.

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