A couple give their dog away to a pensioner who left him alone. He kills him an hour later: “He barked a lot.”

Pantoufle, which means booty in French, was a young Maltese dog that met a gruesome end. He was at the center of a story first beautiful and then as horrible as the worst nightmares. The couple pampered and venerated the little dog, and he was given to a pensioner named Renee, who was left alone in the world. And instead of the man taking care of him as he deserved, he killed him.

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It happened in Wannsee, Belgium, near Liege

It happened in Wannsee, Belgium, near Liege. A depressed and lonely 71-year-old retiree received the dog Panfoufle as a gift from a couple affected by his condition. The couple decided to entrust their 4-year-old dog to him to reduce his feelings of loneliness. At first she had to keep him in for a few hours a day to get used to his presence. and then, if she wished, she could have adopted him permanently, with the possibility of visiting him whenever she wished. And so they decided to leave the dog to the man, who seemed happy to adopt him.

A few hours after the little dog “moved,” the couple received a horrific phone call and discovered that, tired of hearing him barking, he had cut his throat. His companions ran towards him, but it was too late. Now they will bury him in their garden. The couple has not yet decided whether to press charges.

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