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a few days from World Autism Awareness Day Catania finds a new resource. An inclusive stadium, designed and designed to have no architectural barriers, has opened in Villa Pacini. A hinged project, which does not see an end to the play area in Villa Pacini, but provides for the creation of other parks throughout the Catania region. In fact, there will be three comprehensive stadiums to be established in a few weeks: in addition to the Villa Pacini stadium, the Boschetto della Plaia and the Parco degli Ulivi di San Nullo will also be made all-inclusive. All this happened thanks to the regional funding of just over 50 thousand euros allocated to the municipality on the basis of the public notice promoted by the Regional Administration for Family and Social Policies. The municipal administration participated in this announcement at the joint request of Mayor Pugliese and Chancellor Lombardo.

The playing area at Villa Pacini quickly became comprehensive: works actually started in the second half of last month. The games were not only installed on an anti-shock mat, but the whole area was enriched with new equipment, which could also be used by minors with disabilities.

Scavon: “A small but important step”

Satisfaction with the implementation of the project by Antonio Scavone. During the inauguration of the park, the councilor of the regional council expressed himself as follows: a small but important business for the city. “An inclusive playground also for children with disabilities in this wonderful place, Villa Pacini, one of one hundred and fifty municipalities funded in many of the island’s municipalities by the Provincial Department of Family and Social Policies that I have the honor to lead.”

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At his side are Acting Mayor Roberto Bonacoursi, Municipal Council President Giuseppe Castiglione, Paolo Fasanaro (First Mayor), Lombardo Advisers (Family and Social Policies), Baresi (Green and Public Parks) and Sergio Baresi (EU funds and green transformation). And it was the latter who noticed that the project did not stop at Villa Pacini’s comprehensive garden. Two other inclusive play areas for children with disabilities will be built in Boschetto della Plaia and one in Parco degli Ulivi di San Nullo.

Both green spaces will be equipped thanks to projects launched in recent months whose funding has been accepted with EU funds, and for which the procedures for completing the tendering for the installation of other play structures have already been prepared. Fun activities for the little ones, even those less fortunate.”

Bonaccorsi: “Creating Cohesion Among Children”

Acting Mayor Bonacoursi and councilor Lombardo also joined the enthusiastic chorus about the new project. “An approach of great moral and social value. Because it puts children with motor and sensory difficulties on an equal footing with their peers in the game in complete safety. This is also a particularly important sign of social concern in order to create cohesion among our children. This one of Villa Pacini is one of the three comprehensive stadiums to be built in Catania in a few weeks ».

The park will in fact allow for full inclusion and will allow children with disabilities to spend hours playing in peace. A very important factor of socialization. On the opening day, many young people flocked, especially those belonging to the comprehensive “Amerigo Vespucci” Institute. A clear sign of appreciation and approval of the project by the participants directly.

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Inclusive Stadium: New Columns Coming to Catania

However, the project is more ambitious, if we take into account that in the past months the council led by Salvo Pogliese has assumed six new play areas. “Based on the projects developed by technicians in recent months for the Municipal Green Protection Office under the direction of architect Marina Galeazzi, six new children will soon see the light, one for each municipal area: in Piazza Angelo Mayorana (I MUNICIPIO), Piazza Candido Canavo (II), Falcon Park (third), Gandhi Park (fourth); Gemmellaro Park (V); viale Bummacaro civic 9 (VI)”. This is what green space consultant Andrea Baresi voiced on the matter.

The plan to build six new stadiums will cost about 200 thousand euros and is financed by the tourism tax money, the revenue entrusted to the administration of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Ferraro, the latter is present when the first stadium including Villa is delivered. Pacini with Commissioner Barbara Mirabella.

Children playing in the garden

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