A common problem for everyone, the solution is very simple

The next section from Digital Terrestrial to DVB-T2 causes many problems for citizens residing in Italy. One of them is very common and causes many headaches, but it is easier to solve than expected

It is one of the most discussed topics in recent times: it Turn off Digital Terrestrial to the DVB-T2 standard. The frequencies currently used will be released to make way for 5G, with free Italian TV transmission. This will lead to many benefits, starting with one Greater variety of channels And high quality vision.

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If you have problems with digital terrestrial devices, there is a very effective way to solve the situation immediately (Adobe Stock)

On the other hand, all residents of Italy will be obliged to equip themselves with the latest generation equipment. let it be one Smart TV or decoderr, however, there is TV bonus canceledIts value is 100 euros. Meanwhile, there are some issues that come up and are discussed a lot. One above all, but its solution is very simple.

How to solve this problem with DTT

Digital Earth 20221013 mobili.it
Here’s everything you need to know about it (Adobe Stock)

when buying New TV or decoder, the first thing to do is to perform an automatic channel search. If you have a good signal and if the sky is not covered in bad weather, you should have a signal available within a few minutes full list With all free proposals available. But this is not always clear, especially if we take into account that we are completely in the period of hiatus, there are new channels as well as others that change the numbering and so on.

This is a particular problem for those looking for a specific broadcaster. But what to do in these cases? There is a very convenient and effective solution: Perform a manual search. It’s not very easy, considering that it is often not known about suitable frequencies that it closes one channel over another. In these cases, we advise you to search directly online for all the information you need Between LCN and the same frequency. Oftentimes it is the broadcasters who provide this information from the official website, so you can start seeing what you want even when there is no signal. You can try now, manual search is usually found right after the button to start automatic search, inside a file Decoder or TV menu which I bought.

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