A coalition can have multiple teams working on at least two projects –

And according to what was reported inside ClubRail, it was considered to be more than reliable on Xbox stuff, Alliance It will have several Internal teams He will work on it Gears 6 And at least one other medium-sized project, always linked to the Gears of War series.

Yes, the coalition is made up of several teams. The studio actively developed Gears tactics with Splash Damage, along with Gears 5 (and also Gears Pop).

With Greg Juby and Aryan Hanbeck, the studio has two art directors, so the alliance is in a position to develop (at least) two games simultaneously. The history of the study showed that it has been working on at least two games at the same time since its inception.

Klobrille also defined the issue of the second project, the medium project, more clearly, dismissing the possibility that it was Triple, Unless the alliance outsourced the way they did with Gears Tactics. According to him, this second project will be more experimental than Gears 6. The alliance will only push the series in new directions.

Of course, as is always the case in these cases, it is correct to specify that what CLUBRIL reported is all the information that needs to be verified. However, we imagine that, given the Alliance’s past, it is not difficult to say that the prospect of at least two internal teams is absurd.

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