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About the 2020 draft

Looking at a draft after one season is often premature – especially when the year isn’t over.

For example, what can be said about Brown’s selection for the second round? LSU Safety Grant Delpit was expected to be the start of this season. He tore the Achilles tendon and is out for this year.

In 2018, Austin Corbett – not Nick Chappe – was the first pick in the second round of the draft by Brown. Chubb came two selections later. With Brown, Corbett was seen as a bust. Left intervention failed, then struggled in guarding. Former General Manager John Dorsey still loves Corbett, but realizes that the Nevada producer received a no-confidence vote from the Coaching Staff for 2019.

After playing a total of 15 shots for the Browns, Corbett traded to the Rams for picking the fifth round of 2021.

guess what? Corbett started his last 21 matches at the Rams guard. It’s not cool. (PFF) Puts him 11th out of 55 beginner goalkeepers. You can discuss the ratings, but Corbett plays every shot for a good Rams team. He must be respectful.

The PFF ranked Brown’s Guards at the top: White Teller at 1 and Joel Bitonio at No. 3.

After 14 games, we can draw some conclusions from the Browns 2020 draft. At the very least, it’s promising. It all started with the “consensus” that owner Jimmy Hassan sought. she was Even the head of strategy, Paul Debodesta To make sure the front office and training staff work together.

This led to the appointment of General Manager Andrew Berry and coach Kevin Stefansky.

I looked at the quote sheet after the 2020 draft.

“Andrew and I see things very similarly,” said Stefansky. “When we talk about the draft, we have some non-negotiable cultures and some non-negotiable schematic … we all knew our position on a range of issues.

Stefansky and Berry set the mantra of “tough, smart, responsible” to the players. They wanted to get away from some of the personality dangers that previous regimes were exposed to. Regarding the plot, Brown looked for players who would fit Stefanski’s play-plan, the blackout zone. It requires players who are soccer savvy, because there are a lot of moves before the surprise.

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On draft day, Perry said the Brown family had 140 names: “We thought it aptly fit what we were looking for within the Brown organization: talent, plot, personality, mindset, you name it. We pick it from our list of players we think would be good, Cleveland. Browns “.

They ended up with six names.

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens, September 13, 2020

Offensive intervention Jedrick Wills (71) blocks Baltimore Tyus Bowser midfield to protect Baker Mayfield in the first half of the inaugural season against the Ravens.John Koontz,

Couldn’t bear to miss

Brown went to the draft in need of a left treatment. There were four at the top of the class. They took a gamble on Jedrick Wills Jr. , Believing that the right intervention of the Alabama superstar could learn to play the most demanding left-handing place in the NFL. Wills didn’t play until the left-handed tackle in high school.

This was a collaborative decision. Analytics, IQ tests, and purely exploration rated commandments in the elite category. But could he make the change in the NFL? The final vote went to Bill Callahan, the veteran forward coach who gave the will two likes.

“The best player on our board was in a situation that really needed it,” DePodesta said at Project Night. This does not happen every year. We were thrilled to have Jedric. “

I heard Brown ranked the four best interventions in this order: 1) Wills. 2) Tristan and Kicks. 3) Mehkay Buckton. 4) Andrew Thomas. Wirfs had a good year with Tampa Bay, but he played the right tackle. Thomas struggled. Picton is talented but he has had some injuries.

As for wills, Profootballfocus writes: “He has been rock for the Browns for most of the season to protect Baker Mayfield’s blind side … a massive upgrade at one of the hottest spots in their attack.”

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Cleveland Browns Boot Camp, August 25, 2020

Cleveland Browns midfielder Jacob Phillips (50) during training on August 25, 2020Matt Starkey, Cleveland Browns

It’s hard to know

Dilbit II was injured. Third-place player Jordan Elliott (Pick # 88) showed some hope as a defensive tackle. He played 30% of the shots. In the next year, Elliott might matter if Larry Ogunjobi leaves via a free agency. So far, Brown has not been able to reach a contract extension with Ogunjobi.

The organization was very excited to snatch full-back Jacob Phillips (97) late in the third round. They went to a training camp thinking it could even be a start. But he injured his knee, playing only 41 times in his first 11 matches. He sat in seven of those games. Finally and in good health, Phillips played 22 shots in the season as he beat the Giants 20-6.

“He did an amazing job,” said Defense Coordinator Joe Woods on Thursday. “He’s a soccer player. When the lights are on, he plays with his hair on fire. … He will get better with every rep that takes him.”

Keep in mind that only about 20% of all third-round selections become NFL beginners.

Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars, November 29, 2020

Cleveland Browns’ tight end Harrison Bryant points to landing as officials review the play. Joshua Gunther,

You don’t have enough tight ends

The Browns earned a third-round score at Harrison Bryant. They did not intend to forge a court ending. But when Bryant fell on them in the fourth round (115), they quickly gave him his name. Florida Atlantic producer was award-winning John Mackey Best College Footballer in the position.

Some fans may remember Bryant’s fussiness this season. Both were expensive. But the coaches outperform Bryant, Who played 57% of the shots this chapter. This is much more than the narrow end of veteran David Njoku (36%).

Bryant came to the NFL with questions about his ban, but that proved to be a pleasant surprise. Bryant has received 21 assists, including three by TD. He is important in Stefansky’s narrow attack.

Cleveland Browns vs The New York Giants, December 20, 2020

Cleveland Browns Center Nick Harris plays time after attacking goalkeeper Chris Hubbard was injured in the first half, Dec.20, 2020, at MetLife Stadium.John Koontz,

The post can guard

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Just as Brown had not entered the enlistment in search of a position, they were thrilled that Nick Harris of Washington was selected in the fifth round (160). Like Bryant, they earned a higher score for Harris than where he was selected.

Stefansky on Harris on Recruiting Day: “There is some flexibility in the situation with Nick. He is a talented player, and a clear layout matches his motor skills. … I like the person’s makeup. Watchman “.

Veteran JC Tretter remained in good health. But Harris was pressured to take action on alert last week when Tyler and Chris Hubbard were both injured. He did an excellent job. He did not play a surprise attack throughout the season until the Giants match.

Cleveland Browns vs the Tennessee Titans, December 6, 2020

Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield performs a dance for his broad future Donovan People Jones (left photo) and becomes a listed photographer for the downward celebration of future Richard Higgins (right) in the first half.John Koontz,

You can admire this guy Michigan

In the sixth round (187), Brown chose receiver Donovan People-Jones. He had an inconsistent career as a receiver in Michigan. To start the season, he was in special teams before an end-of-season injury led Odell Beckham Jr. to play on attack.

He did two huge TD shots among his 13 receptions. He also brought back kicks and kicks. The coaches have cheered His intelligence, work ethic, and willingness to learn a variety of positions. He has played 60% of the shots in the last three matches, and has had eight assists.

It looks like a big deal in the sixth round.

It’s hard to tell if players like Phillips, Elliott, Bryant, Harris, and Peoples-Jones will develop into novice players in the long run. But as beginners, they manage to help out as role players.

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