A charming village in southern Italy rich in history in a natural paradise

We often forget that southern Italy is also full of wonderful villages. In particular, countries of medieval origin that can surprise visitors from all over the world. Among these, there is an enchanted village in southern Italy rich in history in a natural paradise. Let’s find out where it is and all the places worth visiting on a trip outside the city.

Where are we?

The village we are going to talk about today is called styleAnd the unknown jewel of Calabria. A short distance from the sea, Stilo remains on the cliffs of Monte Consolino with stunning views of the river. The village is located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level in the province of Reggio Calabria in the Stilaro Valley. Its origins and its battles with the conquerors who came from the sea are shrouded in legends.

What do you do in Stilo

The village of Stilo is surrounded by medieval walls, interrupted by huge gates. Previously it was supposed to keep enemies away, now they are a great pass for visitors. This is just a small example of the historical richness of this village. We find, for example, the ruins of the Norman castle, which can still be visited. But the eastern monks who inhabited the region also left profound traces on their crossing. In particular, Chiesa della Cattolica, a historical monument that is truly unmissable due to its peculiarity. Its circular red-brick spiers certainly do not go unnoticed when strolling through the park of the same name. It is possible to find hermit cells in really secluded places throughout the village.

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A charming village in southern Italy rich in history in a natural paradise

So we understood that this village definitely does not lack in attractions. It remains to be understood how best to enjoy it. We can walk in the park or visit the historic center, getting lost in the narrow alleys and stacked houses. We can make use of the guide, so we can really know the history of this special place. The village often organizes events. An event that reproduces the medieval customs typical of this region is particularly fascinating: the Palio di Ribusa within the Renaissance Festival in Calabria.


A wonderful village located in the mountains for holidays away from the heat

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