A cat leaving its litter to take care of him: endless love

Animals are capable of great gestures of love, such as that of a mother cat leaving her young.

Mammals have depth Shared feeling of motherhoodIndeed, although animals do not understand human verbal language, they are well capable of understanding feelings, emotions, and needs.

The special relationship between cats and children / TikTok photo (

If this kind of The bond is very strong With people, with children it is more so, as the pictures show.

The cat who leaves everything to her human friend

However, cats can be very sweet The common idea is that these are less lovable of dogs. They are also quite capable of giving love to children, which is why it is recommended to raise a newborn with a pet.

The cat leaves everything to go to the newborn (

The bond created is mutually interpretable. They can’t speak yet they communicate perfectlyCats know what children need and are kind and loving to them. This is even more so when it comes to newborns.

entrance in the home environment For many this is a cause for concern, but in reality it should not be because animals are quite capable of understanding that children are more sensitive, need attention and also protection and they do it with great interest.

Pictures from the video that went viral on TikTok Show all the sweetness of a cat with her litter Who saw the little human coming as he crawled, let go of his cats for a moment, and approached him and began to lick him. This is perhaps one of the most sincere and affectionate gestures of all time. Animals, especially when they are going through motherhood, get to know other “puppies” whether they are human or another breed.

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They are not few Stories of animals who took care of unborn children From other species, this is possible thanks to the fact that in addition to physical characteristics we speak of a real commitment to animals, something that goes beyond simple breastfeeding. theThe cat in the video realizes that the baby is newborn Just like her little ones and at that moment she needs affection.

@ebuu.ygt Benim bebeyi of kendi bebesi sanması 😂😂#bebek #kesfet # KDE ♬ ses original – Ebru Yiğit

And for this animals and children They live in perfect coexistence and it is not a problem to have a cat in the house when the new baby arrives, this can be done without worry by creating an environment of knowledge, perhaps Preference to meet the smell of the baby Just about everywhere, with a blanket or toy to let the kittens settle in or just with pheromones to make them calm.

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