A case unique to medicine: they think it’s TB instead that he has a condom in his lungs

According to the doctors who have followed the case, he is A. “unicum” in the medical literature. To report the story is National Library of Medicine at uno Studio. But what is it like. In short, a 27-year-old woman was treated for belief that she had TB, but in the end it was discovered that she had swallowed a condom. For the past few months, the woman has been in the hospital with Cough and fever And the continuous thick mucus for six months. A few weeks before she went to the hospital, she was prescribed antibiotics and anti-TB treatments, but they did not cause any improvement. Then the truth was discovered: the girl had swallowed a condom during intercourse, and perhaps out of shame, she said nothing to the doctors.

The woman – after a negative TB test result – underwent a chest X-ray and doctors encountered an infection in the upper right lobe of the lungs. Similar structure, as determined by doctors, to the “inverted bag”. The woman was then operated on: the body was removed and then analyzed. The woman will likely need more bronchoscopy to remove the body fragments.

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