A car on a bike floods her, and she dies at the age of 48: she has two children left

Numbering. Gabriela Novelli, 48, an administrative employee and mother of two, failed to drive a car while riding her bike on her way to work. The reported trauma of the accident was very serious: the woman died in the Udine Hospital.

The accident occurred on Wednesday March 31, shortly before eight, at Lystance Junction, near the craftsmen’s area, about fifty meters from Gabriella’s workplace. He would come every morning, at the appointed time, at the Oml2 headquarters on Via dell’Artigianato, where he had been working since April 1, 2014. On Thursday April 1 it was seven years.

The tragedy deeply affected the country, where it was well known. She left her husband, Giancarlo Sescotti, a craftsman at the head of carpentry in Listance, and her two sons Danielle 22 and Paolo, 20.

Oml2 owner Giuseppe Clute was among the first to rush to the intersection. “He shocked all of us and we will miss him a lot,” the businessman affected.

“I got to the company a few minutes later, and I saw the accident and someone lying on the ground, I had a feeling – Clute said – that it was her, but someone else told me it was a boy. I parked the car in the company and asked, ‘Have you seen Gabriella?’”

She was always there from five to eight a day. When they said no, I immediately ran. It really was her. “We immediately notified her husband and son Danieli, who also works for us, and he will have to do the afternoon session.”

The 118 medical team, with a helicopter, an ambulance, and Spilimbergo firefighters took turns in resuscitation maneuvers, which then continued all the way to the hospital in Udine. The ambulance is back in red. The death was reported in hospital.

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Engagement dynamics are examined on Spilimbergo polstrada. The dealers rebuilt that a cyclist from Via Verde entered District Road 22, while the Fiat Punto, driven by the GZ, 29, of Penzano al Tagliamento, set off from Travicio towards Spilembergo.

The effect was very violent: the woman ended up facing the windshield and then being thrown onto the asphalt in front of the little car. I broke his black bike in the city in impact. On the road, brake marks were noticed in the car at a distance of about ten meters.

The police force informed the alternate public prosecutor, Maria Grazia Zine, who will be responsible for conducting the investigations. Cars have been seized.

“He was my daughter’s right hand,” recalls businessman Gabriella as a calm, always present person.

Sequels Mayor Enrico Odorico emphasized how the accident deeply affected society, with Gabriella being much appreciated and known as a polite person and her husband Giancarlo is a point of reference for the city. “We express – the mayor said – our closeness and our condolences to the family.” –

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