A businessman donates more than 5 million euros to his employees


A sudden transfer of more than 2,000 euros for each of its 1,600 workers spread across Italy, the United States and China. This is the beautiful story of Swiss entrepreneur Giuseppe Merzurate.

A beautiful story of gratitude to its employees, the one in which the Swiss businessman Giuseppe Merzurate was involved. President of Cogne acciai speciali since 1994 for steel, a world leader in the production of long stainless steels and nickel alloys.

Well, the businessman recently sold shares of his company to Taiwanese conglomerate Walsin Lihwa Corporation and celebrated, donating a portion of the proceeds to each of his 1,600 workers spread between Italy, the US and China.

Indeed, in the days following the sale of 70% of the shares, the workers of Cogne acciai speciali received a huge bank transfer totaling two thousand five hundred euros plus the expected fuel bonus of two hundred euros. A perhaps unexpected but certainly very welcome gift that highlights all the gratitude of the great businessman towards his employees.

A Swiss businessman sells and donates more than 5 million euros to his employees: the story

Apparently, the beautiful story of the Swiss entrepreneur Giuseppe Marzurate has gone viral on the internet and impressed everyone. Not only for the incredible spending of more than 5 million euros in favor of its employees, but also for the words of sincere gratitude that the entrepreneur addressed to them in his welcome message:


“From 1994 to today – the entrepreneur writes – I have spent wonderful years with you and those who preceded you, starting from a state of real corporate hardship and arriving instead today to represent a mission that is appreciated and admired, sustainable and internationally considered. Our continuous development and growth work has allowed us to achieve a great goal: to make the Cogne Group the European leader in this sector. Together, we have supported the radical change that our company has developed over the years, become the spokesperson for the Lean culture, and above all, we prioritize sustainability in its various meanings.”

With a purchase and sale of around €210 million, the new owner of Cogne acciai speciali is Yu-Lon Chiao. The new president immediately announced an ambition.To create the world’s largest producer of special long stainless steel productsAt the same time, he proceeded to reassure all employees about the crystallization of working conditions. This is through an immediate meeting with the trade unionists of Fiume Cgil Valle d’Aosta. In the meantime, the former owner, Giuseppe Merzurate, will remain Honorary President of the Cogne Group.

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