A brand of traditional Sardinian handicrafts in Europe and GB – Sardinia

The label and points of sale bearing the I.SO.LA logo are back

Beyond the borders of Sardinia and Italy: traditional handicrafts will be popular in the European Union and the United Kingdom thanks to the registration of the new ISOLA trademark, the last step in the strategy implemented by the Tourism Department to promote the sector. The certification will ensure the credibility of the products with the aim of restoring luster to a sector that has been hard-tested by the economic crisis linked to the pandemic. The brand’s car at the international level will also be sporty, as it will be present in the Cagliari football jerseys.
Meanwhile, in Sardinia, ISOLA stores will reopen, both at airports and in cities. “Especially in Cagliari – explained Chancellor Gianni Chiesa on the occasion of the presentation of the logo – the store will open across Santa Croce, in the Castello district, which is one of the most moving points of the city and frequented by tourists, where there will also be an information point for the municipality.” The founders from the Giunta Solinas family indicated that the hours would be those of the tourist towns, with the store open until at least midnight. On the other hand, the former store on Via Bacarida, “I would like it to become the Cagliari Museum, with part of the space devoted to handicrafts.”
The origins of the ISOLA brand go back to 1956 when it was shown at an exhibition at the Sassari Biennale. For sixty years it has been traded without guarantees of authenticity. Now artisans who want to order from the region can use the brand in various sectors ranging from ceramic and wood processing, filigree and fabrics. The certificate will be issued by a special committee made up of tourism management officials and representatives of trade associations.

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