A brand new FEC in VR in the UK

A leisure center offering immersive virtual reality experiences has opened in Gravesend, Kent.

By Vincenzo Giacometti

he is called Virtual reality orb The new entertainment center entirely dedicated to virtual reality has just opened its doors in Gravesend, in the county of Kent, in the south east of the United Kingdom. A place run by Humera Farooq and her brother Ali and his family, who say they took inspiration from popular TikTok videos.
The place is equipped with an escape room (escape room) with features Prison Break, Sanctum And Chernobyl to choose from; Racing simulator, free roaming games, virtual reality game room and virtual reality station VR360 It transports riders to fantasy worlds through its headset, while the seat itself moves up and down in 180 or 360 versions.

“Technology is very expensive, and it’s not accessible to ordinary people. We wanted to create a safe space for people to use it. We grew up in Gravesend, so we wanted to bring something to the city rather than anywhere else,” says Ms. Farouk. “Everyone says there is nothing like it here, so we wanted to bring this investment to the city and give people one more reason to visit.”

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