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A bracelet that matches the years: the campaign that rocks

Businesses, charities and the public sector have all come together to create communication campaign intended to fill gap in life expectancy of children born in different countries of United kingdom

Research data is unusual and chilling, i Children born in Sheffield live, on average, Younger than 12 years old compared to other parts of the nation.

Short Life: Campaign for Life

overwhelmingfrom Strong emotional impact It is certainly hard to forget. This is how we want to tell “a short life”the British awareness campaign that you want The incentive to change.

The strategy? stage center Bracelets reports the age little ones children. The number is symbolic, and is meant to show gap existing between different states of the nation, 78 years old in Sheffield Compared with 90 other countries British.

Campaign in cooperation with the agency Don’t panicfired the most amazing message in one double pattern online and offline.

From the most classic billboards to Geographically targeted social networks. The latter is exactly what he represents beating heart From the countryside, thanks to the building of a custom webpage Which gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted life expectancy average in Private Zone Residence.

One nation, different views on life

the gap It is perfectly visible and at the same time no less than amazing. Today, in one highly industrialized country And it turns out there is, again, one Strong sociocultural difference Which greatly affects health of citizens.

multiplier explanations she is, unfortunately, Unfortunately predictable. At the top we find the quality of education, the lack of work and the fragile society still developing.

Georgia Stephensonthe creator of Don’t Panic, said:What better way to prove health inequality than with a New Baby? The person who It did not happen no one resolution To your health but that’s simply it because of the area in which you were born You risk living up to 16 years less compared to those born in another part of the UK. The campaign is heartbreaking because This reality“.

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