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Today’s first rulings Medellin, Colombian local that from Tuesday welcomes a new appointment with Archery World Cup. The team competes on the recurring and individual challenge of the complex they saw this Italia Which unfortunately had to abandon all scheduled competitions.

Round of 16 “Bill Basie” was eliminated from the team championship in the special discipline of Recorvo. Federico Musolesi / Mauro Nespoli / David Pasqualucci lost 3 to 5 against Chinese Taipei from Yu-Yang Su / Yu-Hsuan Tai / Chih-Chun Tang, A situation similar to what happened to women. Luck certainly did not help Tatiana Andreoli / Lucilla Poari / Chiara Rebagliati, out for 4-5 in the play-off (25-26) against India by Komalika Bari / Aditi Jaiswal / Deepti Kumari

France overtook Mexico in their fight for the women’s third place, while the beautiful confirmation of Germany against the Netherlands is mentioned. The first-place competition will be held on Sunday as Korea tries to monopolize the two chambers.

Shooting, World Cup Medellin 2022: Italy does not shine in the standings round in Ricorvo

The best singles were Sergio Bagni and Elisa Ronner, in the round of 16. The first lost to 145 to 149 to Nicolas Girard (France), While the blue had to bend 146 to 149 against Ella Gibson (UK). The day ended too early Leonardo Costantino, Jesse Suit, Anastasia Anastasia and Elisa Pazicitothe other Italians who managed to qualify for the crucial part of the tournament.


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