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A 76-year-old British woman took a whole box of it and was stunned when she broke it

1 egg with double yolk

comes from United kingdom Strange story of a grandmother who Buy 10 eggs In his trusted store e All 10 have double yolks. a 76 years old from Leeds She had taken a whole box of it and when she broke it she was amazed what is not a unique circumstance but certainly very rare. The Sun, To whom the story is referred, it is clear that the 76-year-old Trish Murphy I was really surprised when I found out about that ten eggs Who bought it in a box by Aldi They had double yolks.

Buy 10 eggs, all of them have double yolks

But because it is possible Still noteworthy? Because according to experts, the chances of a double yolked egg areor one in a thousandand find some Ten together with double yolk It is not a very rare condition but it is certainly not frequent. However, there are details that should be clarified immediately: Although the chances of finding a file eggs with low double yolkhaving many in one package greatly increases the likelihood as it is almost certain, according to Packaging supply chainthey are coming of the same chicken.

Enthusiasm and surprise Granny Trish

The truth is that Mrs. Trish didn’t believe it when egg after egg It was the same surprise ten times in a row. The old woman said: “I ate thousands of eggs in my diet in my life And I’m a bread lover, so I probably cracked more eggs than most other women, but like this case I’ve never seen thatAnd again: “It was a nice surprise and I have He wanted to tell the sun. I took a picture and immediately knew I had to do it Report it to someone“.

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