A 21-year-old girl was shot dead

Come killing from him neighbor because of his droppings dog. Isabella Thalas quarreled with her neighbor Michael Close, from Denver, USA, who accused her of letting her dog Rocco defecate in the garden. However, the discussion deteriorated and the man fired 24 shots from a pistol at the young woman and her partner.

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Isabella and her fiancé Darian Simon walked with their dog, as they often did. However, the animal seemed to have done its job in the garden of the neighbor who was to witness the scene very angry. Close was going to attack the couple but he tried not to respond, until the man entered the house and took an AK-47, borrowed it from a friend, and fired 24 shots.

Talas hit her back and died on the spot, having recently celebrated her 21st birthday. The comrade was shot in the leg and buttocks, but managed to escape. After the shooting, Claus escaped, but was later tracked down and arrested. The man tried to justify himself by saying that he had a severe nervous breakdown after being fired from work.

The facts go back two years ago but these days the neighbor’s trial is taking place. The court does not appear to believe in his mitigation of the nervous breakdown, despite lawyers insisting on the psychological component, arguing that Claus suffered severe trauma during his childhood. “We have been waiting for this day for two and a half years and what happened there has just passed… as fast as my daughter was killed,” said the father. The man has not yet been sentenced but faces a life sentence.

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