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The delta variable is affecting the increase in coronavirus cases and continues to spread around the world. In the WHO European region, based on the estimated usefulness of the delta variable in terms of higher transmissibility and prediction models, “delta 90% of new SARS-CoV-2 infections are expected to be due to delta. By the end of August.” These are the forecasts of the World Health Organization contained in the weekly report on the trend of COVID-19.

“According to data submitted to the international database Gisaid – states the World Health Organization – the actual estimated reproductive number for the delta variant is 55% higher than that of the alpha variant, and 97% higher than that of non-Voc/Voi mutants,” that is, the variants do not represent a concern Nor are the variables of interest. It is precisely because of this feature that the Geneva agency expects that “Delta will rapidly outperform other variants and become the dominant breed in the coming months.”

An enemy not to be underestimated, warned the World Health Organization, considering that “the first data from Scotland, regarding people who tested positive for Covid from April 1 to June 21, showed an increased risk of hospitalization among those with the delta variant, than those with the alpha variant.”

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