9 symptoms of the new Xe variant

there alternative Xe is a mixture of Omicron 1 and Omicron 2. Xe, Discover the UK After a new surge in covid cases, it has become more contagious than previous ones and can give rise to gods Very specific symptomsas reported by the National Health Agency, which identified 9.

Xe: Symptoms to Recognize

According to the NHS, in addition to fever, persistent cough, and loss of smell and taste, there are nine other symptoms: shortness of breath, feeling tired or exhausted, body ache, headache, Sore throat and stuffy or runny noseLoss of appetite and diarrhea Feeling sick or ill. According to the World Health Organization, Xe can be 10% more portable by Omicron 2.

Alternative Xe: Is it really in Italy?

“Currently, we do not have data to indicate that Xe is also present in Italy,” Recombinant Omicron variants 1 and 2 of Sars-CoV-2, reported in the UK, according to AdnKronos Health. Arnaldo Caruso, President of the Italian Society of Virology (Siv-Isv) “No cases of Xe have come to our observation, while some sporadic cases of Omicron 3 have been detected, which at the moment are of no interest at all.” In the context of “Omicron 2 obviously takes over on 1”.

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