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8 young men are on trial in Australia

Eight youth activists and a nun, over 80 years old, have filed a lawsuit against the Environment Minister for the coal mine expansion project

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Accusation: “It has a duty to protect future generations from climate change.”

( – The Australian federal government has a duty to protect future generations from the negative effects of Climate change. Thus he should not grant approval for an expansion coal mine Vickery, in the northern part of New South Wales. If there was a green light for the project, about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide would be released into the atmosphere, in the country or abroad where fossil fuels would be exported. This represents 20% of Canberra’s annual climate footprint.

With this argument that 8 young Australians (and a nun over 80) They are bringing the government of their country to trial. Climate failure: If it were, that would be the name of the crime for which they want the court to indict Australia.

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There is a promoter of the initiative Ange Sharma, A 16-year-old student who is among the animators of the movement Friday for the future in the country. In September 2019, with her commitment and the rest of the activists, she managed to take 100,000 people onto the streets. Now try to use legal tools to sue the Minister of the Environment, Susan LeeAnd harnessing the government’s work and obtaining a ruling obligating it to do more.

“The decisions they make now will have an impact on us in the future.”And the He explained Guardian. “We are the ones who will have to live with decisions, and we have to raise the next generation based on those decisions and we just want a future that is secure for us. They really have an obligation to take care of us.”.

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The lawsuit is the first of its kind for Australia. But it has precedents, even important, in other countries. Even in Europe. In early February, a French court indicted Paris for failing to achieve its climate goals (although it did not impose any binding obligation to address it). Another measure is underway, this time promoted by some Portuguese activists against 33 European countries in the European Court in Strasbourg.

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