8 upcoming Whatsapp news that will change your life and the way you use the app

The Meta app is already appreciated for its ease of use: with updates, the user experience will become even richer!

WhatsAppthe popular instant messaging platform owned by Meta, Never cease to be amazed. in the past months, It introduced a number of unusual featuresconstantly striving to improve the user experience.

New updates will improve the user experience of the most used messaging application in the world –

New devices offer innovative and advanced ways to connect, communicate with loved ones, and much more: With these updates, Meta also wanted to improve the app’s privacy features.

Account sharing, chat protection and new emojis: Here are all the news for Whatsapp

Here are 8 new features released, in some cases, a few days ago that are revolutionizing the use of this popular messaging platform. some of these features Already available worldwide, and others are limited to users in a few select countries and will be rolling out to other countries soon. We’ll also talk about one New additional feature At the end of the article, which is probably the most liked by users.

All whatsapp news
Using your account on multiple devices is an option users have been waiting for a long time (Photo Ansa)

But let’s start with the first: Here’s some news that will make digital multitaskers happy! now WhatsApp users can use their account on up to four devices furniture at the same time. That’s what Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last month. “As of today, you can access the same WhatsApp account on up to four phonesHe wrote in an inspirational post.

Until now, the multi-device feature only allowed you to use your account via a browser, computer, or tablet. Now, however, users can connect multiple phones simultaneously, like never before, according to a report.

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This innovation will be from Great help for those who use separate phones For home, business or business and want to manage everything from one account.

Password protected chats

Privacy is paramount to WhatsApp and its commitment to ensuring the safety of its users has not wavered. Just this week, Zuckerberg announced WhatsApp It will make your chats completely private, allowing users to password protect them. According to the CEO, these files will be hidden in a secure folder and will not appear next to other chats.

An interesting detail: notifications about password-protected chats will not display the content of the messages or the sender. This is an important step forward in maintaining the confidentiality of conversations.

true caller

Truecaller, an appCall identificationSoon, it will offer its service on WhatsApp and other messaging applications. The company told Reuters that the feature, currently in beta, will roll out globally by the end of this month.

How to identify unknown numbers
Knowing the identity of the caller is very important in a period when users are victims of aggressive call centers –

This novelty will be a valid ally for users who want to discover and avoid it Unwanted calls Coming from unknown numbers or telemarketing calls. For example, in countries like India, where users receive an average of around 17 spam calls per month, according to a 2021 report from Truecaller, this feature will be a real lifesaver in maintaining the integrity of the calling experience.

Ability to save messages that fade away

WhatsApp introduced a revolutionary feature called “Stay in the chatUsers can now save important messages that would otherwise be hidden.

However, if the recipient intends to save the message, The sender will be notified. The sender can then contest the decision, thus retaining control of the message. The saved messages will appear in a separate list titled “Kept messagesIt can be accessed through chat information.

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Screenshot protection

the message “See onceIt’s meant to be ephemeral, deleting itself after the recipient sees it. However, with the latest privacy update, Recipients will not be able to take screenshots of videos or photos sent using this feature.

This procedure also protects the confidentiality of your communications and ensures that sensitive content remains between you and the recipient only, without leaving any unwanted traces.

animated emoji

Emojis have never been this fun! WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow you to send animated emojis. The goal is to make More engaging and fun messages to sharethus improving communication between users.

Animated emojis for whatsapp
Animated emojis already exist on other messaging apps like Telegram –

With the help of Lottie, a library that allows designers to create simple animations, animated emoji will be sent by default. This means that users may be surprised by the funny animations.

Exit group chats without notice

With this new feature, WhatsApp introduces the A quiet way to get out of groups without attracting attention from other members. Previously, when a user left a group, all members were notified. However, thanks to the privacy update, only the group admin will be notified to leave, while other members will be kept in the dark.

You can now manage your participation in groups privately, without having to deal with explanations or unwanted attention.

Online vision control

WhatsApp controls who can see you when you are online in your hands. if you want Maintain your privacy And don’t let all your contacts know you’re using the platform, you can now block specific contacts to prevent them from seeing yourConnectedin chat.

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But the news does not end here. According to the latest rumors, the feature that users have been waiting for for years may be on the way. Let’s see what it is.

The long-awaited revolution: editing sent messages will soon be possible

From now on, you can finally edit the messages sent on WhatsApp. Just a simple long click on the message you want to change and select it.releasefrom the menu. Note that this option will work Only in the first 15 minutes of sending the message.

How to edit messages on WhatsApp
All users of the application have long been waiting for the ability to edit messages (Photo Ansa) –

Once the changes are made, the message will appear in the eyes of others with the rating “edited“, just like it actually happens on Telegram. So there are no secrets, but at least you can correct typos or add details you missed.

This seems like a great new feature It is already being distributed For all WhatsApp users around the world and the rollout will be over in the coming weeks.

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