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else 8 women employees and former employees of Sony Join Legal case for gender discrimination Inside the PlayStation offices.

For starters, last November, Emma Mago, a former PlayStation IT security analyst, accused Sony of owning Violated labor lawsPaying female employees less than men for similar or identical jobs, even denying them promotions. Last month, Sony’s lawyers called for the lawsuit to be dismissed, because Majo would not be able to “state supporting facts” to his allegations.

According to the report by Axios, eight more women have now joined Magoo’s lawsuit against Sony, with their testimonies making derogatory comments against female employees. unwanted progressLack of interest in their work or ideas and the constant feeling that it is difficult for women to apply for jobs within the PlayStation offices.


Mary Harrington, a veteran of Sony Online Entertainment and Sony PlayStation for more than 16 years, cites the absence of women from senior roles during “calibration sessions.” In one of these, for example, only 70 men and 4 women were considered. In addition, comments were made about the private life of employees, which was not the case for males.

“I think Sony is incapable of adequately managing toxic work environments,” says former program director Kara Johnson, citing the fact that before 10 other women resigned in the Rancho Bernando, Calif., offices as evidence of the internal situation. Company problems.

Johnson’s statement also includes a message she shared with colleagues when she left Sony, in which she spoke of repeated attempts to report to superiors about gender bias within the company, alleged discrimination against women, and resistance from the company’s director of human resources. Take action though reports.

Currently, Sony has yet to officially comment on the new allegations.

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