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78-year-old fined for painting pedestrian walkways in the street

They don’t cross the pedestrian crossing to force him to cross the street safely while he paints them himself, but they do cancel it.

78 years old himself draws pedestrian crossings: fine:

DIY strips were made on a busy road.

Pedestrian crossings “are not up to standard”

Lori Phillips, 78, had called them several times, and the man indicated to authorities that the road he traveled near his home had created little anxiety in him and his wife Estelle, who is 76 years old.

Now the age of the two should in itself indicate that they may not be in agility to dodge and accelerate the fast pace of traffic.

Plus too, Lori also had to worry about hindering a woman who isn’t in a position to move independently, so to get some mobility independence, she uses one.Special scooter for the disabled.

Certainly a great achievement for those in this situation, but it is unfortunate that the home of the elderly couple is near a precarious road, where cars move around a lot, and speed limits are exceeded.

In one of his appeals to the local authorities, the man explained his request as follows:

“My wife can never cross the road safely, but without crossing this road it becomes dangerous for the elderly and children as well.”

Lori got no response and one day lost patience, with the help of two neighbors, he didn’t just paint himself primitive Pedestrian crossing, But he set about completing the “street” picture by outfitting everything with one Road signs, That reminded drivers of wild cars that it was 10 miles (16 kilometers per hour), the speed limit They didn’t have to overcome it.

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The signs seem to be working

The gesture of affection toward his wife, also dictated by Lori’s justified need, seemed to have the desired effect to the point that the man reportedly said,

“The car drivers slowed down and thus were able to stop in time near the pedestrian crossing.”

Sadly, it didn’t last long, in fact, after just four days some municipal officials decreed that the 78-year-old’s road signs should be removed, and so it happened.

Furthermore Not satisfied with returned order, The guy was called by the local police that had it 130 pounds (About 150 euros).

After an initial bitterness, the 78-year-old did not lose his heart and set out to collect signatures for a petition, in order to force Restoration of the pedestrian crossing.

It looks like the city council is Think seriously Not only to recover “abusive” pedestrian crossings but to equip them with altitude at that point. What can I say, who lasts wins.

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