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Today we are going to talk about the most useful way a user should be able to replace their windows. We’re referring to the Barriere Bonus, which allows us to get a 75% discount. Let’s see together how it works

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In case the need arises replace windows At home for the most varied reasons, one might think of resorting to iteCouponsor discount up to 50% limit In total. However, a much healthier alternative is running which can allow us to save over 50%.

We’re talking about a bonus that doesn’t immediately come to mind when we talk about window replacement. This may, in fact, be beside the point. It comes with an extension Barrier rewardswhich in this particular case, can come to the rescue and guarantee even more savings.

Barrier bonus: how to use it to change windows


A question arises: why go this route and not choose Ecobonus instead? The answer is the simplest of all and basically revolves around The percentage that can be deducted. follow path additional architectural barriers 75% discount guaranteed.

Now let’s try to understand how to get to the Barriere Bonus using it to replace fixtures.

Barrier bonus: how to get it

Low corner white building with two min windows

There are two basic requirements to request a home windows exchange for the 75% Barrier Bonus:

  • The first tells us that you should have a fileEasy to open and close windowsso as not to represent a obstacle. In addition, we must have a well-thought-out placement of the handles to allow even access to them individuals with disabilities.
  • The second major component is the safety of the moving parts.

However, the presence of a disabled person on the premises is not mandatory resident. If we refer to one Hotel facility Who wants to recreate installations, even just setting up the environment is valid for a Barriere bonus.

Therefore, one has the significance of the existence of gods Opening and closing mechanisms Easy to operate windows. Speaking of height, an open/close handle or button should be placed Between 100 and 130 cm from the ground.

Finally, who Protect the sharp bottom edge of the paper that opens to avoid accidents.

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