75% off bathrooms and fixtures comes; Let’s find out how it works and who will have the right »

Home Bonus: Up to 75% off bathrooms and fixtures; Let’s find out how it works and who is entitled to it

Here comes a 75% discount on bathrooms and fixturesHere comes a 75% discount on bathrooms and fixturesHe’s coming over there 75% off bathrooms and fixtures: novelty is included in home bonus. We explain how it works and who is entitled to it.

Newspaper Republicin its online version, stating thatrevenue agency It clarifies, with a generalization, the scope of application of privileges for architectural barriers. The margins are quite large, but it is clear that all accessibility requirements must be respected, which we report below.

1) For the work performed From January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2025On existing premises, an IRPEF deduction is envisaged, to be divided into 5 equal annual instalments.

2) The discount is equal 75% of expenses incurred, up to a variable maximum, From 30 to 50 thousand eurosdepending on the building on which the works are being carried out.

3) in case Condominium decisionsFor the approval of the modernization work, the majority of the participants in the assembly is required, representing at least third of the full value of the building.

4) to the house reward (as an intervention”withdraw it)) you can add superbonus: the latter is expected as interference”Leadershipcompared to work done indoors.

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