730/2022 prepacked, when it arrives and when can it be dispatched

May time 730 730 is a model for Tax return for employees and retireesWhich has many advantages. Among them, first of all, is the fact that the taxpayer does not have to make calculations and receives Tax refund directly in the salary slip starting in July, or in the individual’s pension payment starting in August or September.

On the other hand, if the taxpayer has to make payments, it is deducted from the salary starting from July, or from the pension starting from August or September, directly in the salary slip.

Another great advantage of the Form 730 tax return is that the internal income makes it 730 already packed. It is, as the word itself says, a tax return that is pre-filled with various data already entered.

What is it and what are the advantages of precompiled 730

From health care expenses to college expenses, from funeral expenses to insurance premiums, from Social Security contributions to transfers to building renovations and energy redevelopment interventions, and more, the taxpayer who chooses that option is already done.

Those who accept online 730 pre-filled and prepared by the Revenue Agency without making changes will no longer have to show receipts proving deductible and deductible fees and will not be subject to documentary checks. A nice feature in a nutshell is to make your tax return fast, secure, and without the need for checks.

Plus 730 A pre-filled individual income form is also available (Here, on the other hand, who should not make the 730 in 2022: All the news).

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How and where do you find it?

A pre-filled Form 730 is not sent home by paper mail or by email to the taxpayer. It can only be found On the Revenue Agency’s website or on it from inps. Using it or not is an option, without any obligation.

to reach It is necessary to have:

  • General Digital Identity System (Spid) credentials
  • Electronic Identity Card (CIE)
  • National Service Charter (CNS).

What to do if you want to change some data

To make the pre-filled 2022 declaration more complete and correct, and avoid having to make changes later, only a few steps are needed to check, respecting the times indicated by AE:

Through the online service, you can view, amend or complete your acknowledgment and finally send it to the agency. Once submitted, the advertisement with the transmission protocol remains viewable and downloadable within the authenticated area.

Dates to be recorded

A pre-completed tax return is available in the reserved area of ​​the Revenue Agency website. The pre-packaged 2022 race will be available from Monday 23 May (And not from April 30, as it usually happens, because the date was extended by Sostegni ter decree).

The pre-filled form must then be submitted:

  • From May 31 to September 30 (Model 730)
  • From May 31 to November 30 (individual income form).

full service Free This procedure is only available in Italian.

To access the pre-filled form prepared by the Revenue Agency, you can click here.

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