730 2021: There are still a few hours for the presentation

Deadline to file income tax returns with a regular 730 or pre-filled at the gates: Return by tomorrow.

By tomorrow, September 30, 2021, you must file your tax return with the regular or pre-filled number 730.

We remind you that Form 730 can be filed either on the revenue agency’s website, with a CAF or a qualified professional, but it can also be submitted to your tax withholding agent. Once the declaration has been submitted, it must be kept for 5 years along with all documentation related to deductible or deductible fees.

Conservation is recommended, even if not mandatory, since the time period during which it can be subject to controls is only 5 years.

Even if the 730 deadline is set on September 30, however, a taxpayer who has made errors, omissions, or omissions can precede the amendment by an additional 730 by October 25, 2021. After this date, however, it is always from It is possible to file a corrective declaration with the individual income form.

The same form for Individual Income, however, can also be used by those who have not submitted their tax returns by September 30: the deadline for filing this form is, in fact, set for November 30, 2021.


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