7 Original Sets of Plates, Mugs, and Mugs to Buy from Anthropologie for Christmas!

Let’s discover the range of exceptional cutlery that Anthropologie sells in different fonts signed by prestigious designers and illustrators. Here are various Christmas-themed plates, cups, mugs and accessories for the kitchen to be perfectly present in your home or for the one you really love…

7 Original Sets of Plates, Mugs, and Mugs to Buy from Anthropologie for Christmas!

He won’t know much anthropologista American e-commerce It has become a point of reference in the USA and the UK for all lovers of fashion and design, but still Unknown in Italy Although really unique offers. We are talking about a the shop real with Many original brands For various sectors: clothing, accessories, gifts and home decoration. Drawing inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art and entertainment, Anthropologie offers its customers exclusive products and unrivaled service; Both online and in stores located between America and Europe.

a Brandthat of anthropologistwhich we can define as excited CooperatIn fact, there are many collections designed to offer customers unique and incomparable pieces thanks to collaborations with established or even emerging artists. L’Really great lineupthen by analyzing the Home section specifically, we find a showcase that is able to display a bit of everything, from the ancient to the universal, from “timeless” pieces to other pieces linked to the context or to the moment, such as a beautiful Christmas collection for example.

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Anthropologie, the original kitchen collection dedicated to Christmas

It’s just inside the department kitchen affiliate home catalog We have identified some exclusive “First Fruits of the Season”: Cups, plates, mugs, mugsIn short crockery and accessories of all kinds dedicated to Christmas. These are unique items, many Signed by successful designers Which can be translated into a real hymn for the holidays. Perfect for welcoming guests and escorting them by the hand in the magical atmosphere of Christmas or better yet, to give. These genuine pieces are indeed a rare and precious gift that will give just the right value to the people you love!

Emily Maud’s Dessert Dishes: “12 Days Until Christmas”

Interesting fruit Technical cooperationan episode between the designer and the illustrator Emily Maude and Anthropologie brand, this set of holiday dessert plates brings to life an old Christmas carol specifically dedicated to 12 days before Christmas. The unique motifs chosen for each day make these dishes so special they can be displayed.

Christmas in the most beautiful cities in the world: a set of dreamy dessert plates and cups …

New York, Paris, London and many other beautiful places European and non-European capitals To celebrate the coming of Christmas. Snowy landscapes, ornamental trees, and people sledding in the shadows of the world’s most representative landmarks. this service Dessert plates and cups It is a must-have for the holidays, as well as a truly original idea to give to loved ones.

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A collection of deco-style glasses inspired by the Bistros of Paris

Bold mosaic-inspired patterns and a dash of sparkle, the Bistro group Paris cafes honors. The inspiration is definitely the Art Deco years for both the hues and the use of gold. Pictured above, we see some beautiful Monogram glasses that are perfect for alocolicu. Cups, mugs and coasters are also added to the collection …

Bistrot Collection Part 2: Monogram Cups and Mugs!

After the glasses, that’s it Monogram cups and mugs From the Bistrot range so you can enjoy a good coffee or maybe a sweet and comforting chocolate. A burst of sweetness with the scent of cinnamon is perfect for every day of the celebration. In short, breakfasts and snacks are a problem solved thanks to this beautiful and precious service.

The glasses by Pauline de Roussy de Sales are inspired by the Nutcracker

Another lucky collaboration for this A collection of fairy tale and surreal mugs. Inspired by childhood memory – Presentation Nutcracker seen in new york – Pauline de Rossi de Sales Creates wonderful motifs for anthropology. Perfect for cups of hot cocoa and eggnog, this charming little thing helps remind you of the passion and magic of the holiday season.

Christmas, wine glasses decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree

with cute A Christmas tree was planted at the bottomthis is a glass of wine Without Donna is something joyful and festive that is able to color the cold December days in a unique and exceptional way. An original celebration of Christmas with its most important symbol: the fir tree. Perfect as a nice auspicious gift.

Precious marble cups richly decorated with Mangram


To be given with a nice bottle of wine, it’s lovely monogram coasters Made in Precious marble The gold decorations are a bargain not to be missed. Elegant and refined but also very useful, it will help you protect your wood table in the event of exciting card games.

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