7 months after discovery

She was supposed to get $10 back from but she found herself in I count crazy number 10.5 million pounds. It is the absurd story of Thevamanogari Manivel, from Melbourne (Australiawhich suddenly becamemillionaire accidental”. But the dream did not last long: After 7 months the company realized the error and requested a refund. But at this time, the woman had time to spend a significant part of the money, buying a house for the family and distributing the rest to friends and relatives. The company is currently initiating legal proceedings against him.

Why did you receive this number?

The crazy number explains why mistakenly entered the woman’s account number in the field designated for the amount. Actually 9 digit number. What’s really strange, as the woman’s lawyers point out, is that headquarters noticed this only 7 months later.

The woman bought a luxury home for the family

Once she had the money, Ms. Manneville spent a large portion on a luxury home to help her family. He spent over £1 million on a five-bedroom, four-bathroom home, which he later gave to his sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory. The rest of the amount received was distributed to six people, including his daughter and sister.

legal process discovered the error 7 months later during a routine audit and started legal action against the woman who is demanding compensation for every penny. The company’s legal battle against the woman began in February: the company has now managed to freeze the accounts of the woman and her sister as well as get them to sell the house. Victoria Supreme Court Judge James Elliott has now ordered the property to be sold and the money back, including 10% interest and legal fees.

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