66000 homes without electricity and slaughtering baby seals

days after Storm Irwin passing There is still serious inconvenience throughoutfor United Kingdom. circa And 66,000 homes were left without electricity And on the Scottish coasts, many appeared Carcasses of baby seals. Temperatures in some parts of the country reached -8.7 degrees Celsius, causing inconvenience to the most vulnerable residents.

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Meanwhile, thousands of engineers have been working hard to repair what the Energy Network Association (ENA) has called the worst power line damage Britain has seen in 16 years. So far, about 870,000 homes have been restored. But ENA said engineers were still struggling with faulty power poles, faulty cables and other complex faults on Monday afternoon and 155,000 properties across the UK remained without power.

Discomfort also for the animal world. In the latest tally, more than 2,000 dead seal pups were found on the coasts, said ranger Hutzel, who estimated that 40% did not survive. “We can’t be sure of the full extent of the loss until we can do a survey later in the week,” said NTS’s Stuart Maxwell, who said the trust expects to spend a lot of its resources. The charities fell for cleaning. Trees and other debris from the storm.

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