65% bonus for factory automation

The Revenue Agency shed some light on the rules for taking advantage of the discount for working in apartments: from making air conditioners more efficient to automating sunshades

Smart home and energy saving: 65% bonus for system automation

there smart home It is confirmed as an effective solution to Reduce energy consumption during the summer and during the winter. With improved temperatures and switch times, you can save up to 7% on the usage bill air conditioner. In addition, those who install remote control systems can take advantage of a 65% tax bonuseven if it is about making existing air conditioners more efficient or enabling Automated management of pergolas or sunshades To take advantage of the shade to cool the house.

The rules for taking advantage of the tax deduction have been defined beforerevenue agency In a recent circular dedicated to working at home that gives the right to tax deductions, including energy-saving interventions that can be implemented during the summer.

Smart home: what are the rules of respect

Smart home and energy saving: 65% bonus for system automation

the 65% bonus Expenses incurred are recognised Purchase and installation and the Installation of multimedia devices for remote control of installations heating you hate adaptation. These devices increase awareness of energy consumption and ensure efficient operation of systems. Importantly, the bonus can also be claimed at No other energy rehabilitation interventions. Tax deduction can be used Decade, A maximum 15,000 euros and a spending cap of 23,000 euros. However, it is not necessary to spend the entire amount to get the bonus, provided that the energy savings are approved.

Smart Home: Let’s talk about control systems

Smart home and energy saving: 65% bonus for system automation

Eligible expenses include all Devices capable of displaying energy consumption through multimedia channelsshow the operating conditions of plants and allow ignition, the close and the Remote weekly programming. This includes expenses for the purchase and installation of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, as well as the electrical and construction work required to install these systems.

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Also included are the costs of professional services directly related to the intervention, such as a designer to install a complete electrical system in the apartment, including checks of heating, air conditioning and solar shading systems.

Smart home – an additional requirement

Smart home and energy saving: 65% bonus for system automation

However, it is important to note that The 65% bonus does not apply to DIY, i.e. the purchase and assembly of systems by the owner. To get the tax deduction, you must apply to Aeneas there A declaration from the installer certifying compliance with the requirements of the law, along with the technical data sheets of the installed devices. It is important for devices to reach grade b For each factory management function. If there are other automation functions or services, such as managing blinds or solar screens, the heat reduction benefits of pergolas, pergolas and sunshades, which can provide perfect shading during the day, should also be considered.

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