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With the transition to the next generation of consoles, video game enthusiasts have been able to enjoy many PS4 and Xbox One actions in superior quality; In particular, the frame rate for many games has been raised to 60 fps. Unfortunately, the lover Bloodborne I’m still dry. Now, celebrity designer Lance MacDonald comments on the matter saying that implementing it is actually simple.

As you can see below, MacDonald started the discussion by commenting on a Digital Foundry video analyzing a 60fps correction for Ratchet & Clank (2016). We remember that the original game ran at a maximum of 30 frames per second, but with this patch on the PS5 it’s twice the frame rate. MacDonald explains that Sony is, in a way, allowing games, built with old developer kits, to discover playback on PS5 and thus unlock frame rates. So MacDonald states that the same should be possible on Bloodborne.

MacDonald, specifically, says: “This means Bloodborne can theoretically be upgraded to work at 60fps (not 4K, although it does require the PS4 Pro SDK) without having to change the SDK. So the procedure is still simpler than we expected. Why was this not done? ”

Bloodborne at 60fps, will we get it?
Bloodborne at 60fps, will we get it?

The question is legitimate. McDonald’s is clearly a guess, so it’s possible that there is an unknown glitch that makes applying 60 fps more problematic than expected. Another possibility is that Sony does not consider it necessary to work on the game, since copies sold are few. Or, the company intends to release a modified version of Bloodborne for PS5 and PC, and therefore does not want to “give” 60 frames per second to a backward-compatible PS4 version.

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Anyway, we’ve already seen Bloodborne on the PS5 – this video from Digital Foundry shows the game at 60 fps and 4K upscaling.

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