600 euros a bonus offered by the family doctor, useful and open to all

If Covid has left you anxious and depressed, you are entitled to €600 without the 104th. It’s recent news, but one of the positive news that many have praised.

In fact, it was talked about for some time, but this action was never focused on by the executive branch.

In fact, there are many Italians who have experienced some kind of psychological fragility From the terrible epidemic and during the financial maneuver there was talk of help for this serious problem. In fact, we are talking more than a problem about a wide range of problems because the Covid disease has affected the psyche of Italians in many different ways.

much need it

Anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, the list of many vulnerabilities that have emerged with the pandemic is unfortunately long. The psychological vulnerabilities caused by the epidemic among Italians are important, and many studies confirm the seriousness of the phenomenon, which includes many. But no help has come to the Italians since the last financial aid. Fortunately, with the edict of milleproroghe the government allocated resources for the so-called psychological reward. In this way, the executive authority put an end to the criticism that came after the lack of approval during the budget. The 2022 Psychological Reward is a very innovative and positive metric for many.

Ask your family doctor

consists of a A voucher worth 600 euros is open to all Italian citizens which was marked by an epidemic. Any psychological distress can be covered by reward. There are no age limits to take advantage of this important feature, but let’s see how to do it. To take advantage of the bonus, you must first contact your family doctor. It will be the family doctor who will prescribe the need for the help of a psychiatrist. In fact this is the real essential step: once to the primary care physician Determine the need for meetings with a psychotherapistgame over.

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At this point, you are entitled to a €600 voucher. But what can you do with this coupon? This money can be spent at a psychotherapist’s office that is regularly registered in the membership registry. Let’s see the risks. In fact, there are no age limits as we have seen, but there is an ISEE limit, but it is rather high because it is at 50,000 euros. With the transformation of the decree into law, all the last details will be available.

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