5 unemployed employees were already closed on August 20 –

The meeting with the cooperative “Quadrifoglio” and representatives of the trade unions of the Nursing Home Montserrat took place in Borgo San Dalmazzo today Friday 13 August.
As expected, the critical vitality concerns the five employees responsible for cleaning and cooking who will remain unemployed.

Quadrifoglio Cooperative is committed to providing an alternative to health and social care workers – Trade unionists announce Luca Di Conte (FP Cgil) and Giuseppe Van Cleef (Cisl FP). Within a few months, they should be able to reabsorb all of the workers into the other structures in the area. However, the problem persists for five cleaners and cooks for whom there are no places. Finally, there is a management position that is absorbed half the time.”

The large structure on Muserato Hill, which has an agreement with the National Health System for 30 continuous care beds (CAVS), will close as early as August 20, 2021, about ten days earlier than expected. Lots of economic losses.
It is definitely a belated meeting with the union representatives.

yesterday ,Respected PD Chiara Gribodo Who pointed the finger at the deafening silence of the institutions: “Is it really possible that this situation has not been confronted, discussed and analyzed at the table of key institutional actors, such as ASL, county or district? Was it impossible to find an economically sustainable solution for the company and a socially sustainable solution for the region? The patients being hosted today are on the cusp of transition, But when tomorrow the Borgo communities and valleys need all those places for their loved ones, how far will they have to travel to hospital these patients? Also incomprehensible is the need to dismiss 27 people from their homes, especially women, while the health sector is in the rest of the region, and in the rest Italy, he’s hiring and renewing his rank like nothing has happened in years.”

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Then Mayor Beretta’s concern remains: “In addition to the serious staffing issue, there is still the problem of a huge structure that does not immediately know what function it can take on in the future.”

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