5 European Destinations Absolutely Must Visit in Foliage Season

Hunting for the most beautiful foliage in Europe can become a fun sport at the end of the year. If you want to participate in this “contest”, you should know what are the 5 most beautiful European destinations during the autumn season…

If you have already done a feast of colors autumn In Italy, it’s time to devote yourself to it tree leaves that distinguishes some European destinations. As in Italy, but also in Europe as well, there are some cities that give their best duringFall That is why you should leave now for these unusual destinations. Here are 5 European cities to watch the never-before-seen foliage show:

Berlin: 440,000 trees in the city for an unrepeatable autumn!

Berlin Cathedral

There is always a good reason to decide to go to Berlin; If you’re looking for another reason to see the German city, find out what it looks like autumn This may be the reason for booking a direct flight to Berlin during this period. In addition to art and history that will surely welcome you to Berlin, 440,000 trees who inhabit the capital Germany. walking a Grunwald, Berlin’s largest city forest, immerse yourself in the colors of autumn without thinking twice. If you want to try another passion between the usual shades of red and orange for fall, reach for the top Teufelsberg mountain. It doesn’t end there, even me botanical gardens It’s the perfect place to decorate the foliage in Berlin.

Bruges: Flanders foliage and chocolate

Belgium Bruges

Little hidden gem from BelgiumAnd the zodiac One of the places marked in red on your must-see travel checklist. Although this city has a historical center that has not changed since the Middle Ages, the signs of time have not affected the charm and beauty of these places. In order not to miss Autumn overlooking the canal, choose to go to RosenhodkaiRosary Pavement. But if you don’t want to give up any shade of autumn color, take the Eurostar train, so you can enjoy the countryside Flanders; Please don’t forget to bring some chocolate For consumption while traveling, Borouge produces one of the best products Chocolate For the world… another unforgettable autumn shade!

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Lugano: view of the foliage lake

Lake Lugano

what about Swiss? Here too there is no time to waste, if you have never visited, it is time to do so. If you don’t know where to start you can book directly Lugano. Certainly in the autumn months one of the best faces of Ticino comes out in all its splendor. The temperature is not rigid so you can enjoy the foliage directly by walking on the banks needle Lugano, or better yet, rent a boat and enjoy the view from the water, towards the shore. If you want to go up a little higher and see the Swiss autumn scenery from above, you can take the funicular and go up to Monty BriFrom here you will be able to see the entire city from a high and privileged viewpoint.

Budapest: Autumn meets the beauty of the city

foliage in Budapest

There are no pictures Budapest You won’t notice how nature blends into the city. L ‘Margaret Island and the municipal park, is a reference point for green lovers, and perfect for experiencing autumn in the city, when green turns into a palette of shades between yellow, orange, brown and red. Also in this case, you will not have to be afraid of the climate, in the fall it is very mild, so you do not have to think about wearing particularly heavy clothes or be afraid of feeling cold!

Dunkeld: One of the most amazing foliage in the world

foliage in suburban scotland

After seeing major cities, capitals and well-known destinations, let’s go and see a small village in Scotland.
Dunkeld It is a city in the northwest region of Scottish Highlands. The Scottish Highlands are the peaks that make this part of Scotland a dream come true. Very Spectacular Views Due to the colors that the forests give to these plateaus, the village of Dunkeld is our tip for an evocative and unique display of foliage. The best place to enjoy autumn painting is a forestHermitage. This forest, surrounding the village, is not only of trees and colors, the charm of the place also passes through the presence of waterfalls. The ones we find here are the trees higher than United kingdom. This forest, with its tall trees, was the inspiration for the famous story “The Lord of the Rings”. Needless to say, if it is true that this is one of the most picturesque places in the world, it is also true that in the fall here you can take one of the most beautiful foliage walks you will ever do in your life. Now you have the Serie A foliage map, you have no more excuses to postpone preparing the bag and looking for a unique autumn atmosphere!

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