5 best cooking tricks with barbecue at its best and preparing a great barbecue party

The grills really do burn, so there’s no time to waste and immediately list true professional grill tricks.

Potatoes prevent meat from burning

Burning roast meat is not only bitter and bad-tasting but should not be eaten as it contains Toxic and carcinogenic substances.

To avoid burning, apply a little oil directly to the meat when cooking it. Nothing could be more wrong and harmful.

To prevent the meat from sticking to the grill and burning it, you can cut the potato in half and finally pierce it with a fork and pass it over the already hot grill before placing the meat. The starch produced by the potato prevents the meat from sticking to the grill and burning it.

When the meat is cooked on the barbecue

If we want to have almost scientific certainty that roast meat is being cooked, we will have to equip ourselves with a thermometer for cooking. We direct the thermometer to the center of the meatball and check the description below.

A) The chicken is cooked if the heart of the part exceeds 75 degrees;

B) beef is cooked rarely if the core temperature is 55 degrees;

C) Medium cooked beef always has a base temperature of 60 degrees. We reach a maximum of 73 degrees if you prefer a well-cooked piece of beef;

D) The same temperatures of beef also apply for ribs;

E) As for pork, it will be cooked if we reach at least 72 degrees in the core.

Ice cube

Among the top 5 tricks for cooking with grilling at its best and preparing a great barbecue party, we also offer an ice cube for tender meats.

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If we want meat, steak or hamburger, which is tender and not dry, we can use an ice cube. We put an ice cube over the meat. Whereas for a hamburger, we can pop it inside, in the middle.

You will get tender meat!

How to make delicious meat crust

In order for us to get the crunchy crust even when roasting, we will have to steam the meat (before the piece is cooked) with apple juice.

We’ll get a crunchy crust but at the right point.

Skewer rosemary

Finally, among the top 5 cooking tricks with grilling at its best and preparing a great barbecue party, there is also rosemary. This time it has a different function than the usual one and it will make us taste very good skewers.

Instead of classic skewers, we can use sprigs of rosemary directly to insert the vegetables and allow them to spread all their aromas and flavors.

Who is theInstead, we’ll discover helpful tips for a marinade suitable for grilling.

We just have to wish our readers a good barbecue!

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