5 beautiful European cities worth visiting in June

Seeing the face of Europe in June might be a great idea. You will avoid the crowds, heat and traditional destinations. Here are our suggestions for where to go…

5 beautiful European cities worth visiting in June

June It is a perfect month to discover some wonders city European. With the advent of summer, the weather is generally pleasant in many parts of the continent, allowing the opportunity to explore the sights outdoors without the sweltering heat of the later months. Additionally, the month of June also offers some great budget deals for those looking for an affordable trip. If we put these two elements together, advantageous economic offers and the possibility to see wonderful cities with perfect climate, we have definitely created a perfect trip, which should not be missed. That is why we have chosen to give you some suggestions on the places to choose for this type of trip…

Barcelona is the most beautiful summer


In the summer she lives her best moments, Barcelona It seems to have it all: beautiful beaches, modern architecture, and a lively scene cultural. This is a very popular destination for all kinds of tourists. In June, it was Temperatures It’s nice overall, hovering around 25 degrees, with peaks heat controllable. This mild climate makes it ideal for walking along the city streets, and visiting the famous buildings he designed Gaudi And enjoy the sun on the beaches Barcelona. Also, you can find cheaper hotel rates in June than in summer high season. Don’t miss it, if you choose, stop by Park Joelat this time!

Prague, Gothic charm

Prague, Charles Bridge

Prague, with its architecture Gothicand castles and Bridges Picturesque, it is one of the most charming cities in Europe. In June, the climate is generally mild, with average temperatures around 20 degrees, which makes it ideal for exploring the city. stands up Without having to face the cold of winter or the heat of summer. Prague also offers a wide range of the hotel Reasonably priced, especially during the week when prices are lower than on the weekend. You can really give yourself a June dream right here!

Budapest, the pearl of the Danube


Budapestthe “The pearl of the DanubeIt is a charming city that combines the charm of Western Europe with the atmosphere of Eastern Europe. In June, temperatures are around 25 degrees, which makes strolls along the banks of the river pleasant. Danube And visit many Spa from the city. Budapest also offers a good affordable accommodation option, especially if you book in advance. During this period you can take advantage of many offers! Don’t let them escape

Summer against the tide in Stockholm


If you are looking for a cool climate and want to avoid the tourist crowds, Stockholm It may be the right choice for you. In June, average temperatures hover around 20 degrees, which makes exploring this charming city built on an archipelago ideal. Stockholm offers a wide range of attractions Culturally, from museums to live music, and in June it can be found flight tickets And hotels are cheaper than in the high summer season. Take advantage of the summer weather and long days to explore the Stockholm archipelago. You can book a boat trip to visit some of the most picturesque islands and immerse yourself in nature purest. You can also swim in the waters baltic Or just relax on the beach. Another experiment to doBy the sea” In Stockholm is a picturesque canal cruise. You can navigate through the channels and fjords From the city, admire the historic buildings and stunning views of the city from the water.

Belgrade, the entertainment you don’t expect

Serbia, Belgrade

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a wonderful city that offers many opportunities for visitors. June is the perfect month to visit Belgrade for several reasons. Firstly, the weather in June in Belgrade is generally good Attractive, with average temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees. the days long And sunny, allowing you to enjoy the city’s many outdoor attractions. You can walk along Pedestrian streets Visit parks and public gardens and take advantage of the many terraces and outdoor cafes. One of the reasons to visit this city in June is for sure Belgrade Beer Fest, one of the largest music and beer festivals in southeastern Europe, takes place this year from 15 to 19 June. During the festival, visitors can enjoy live and flirty concerts local beer and cosmopolitan and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the city. Festival aside Belgrade too Famous For its very rich night life. The banks of the Sava River come alive with clubs, floating restaurants and open-air discos, providing a unique experience for those who like to have fun even in late Time of night. Now that you know the offers and the most suitable periods, you just have to make your choice…

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